Jan 22, 2014

SLC Donut Dash 5K

The week after I ran in my first 5K, I ran in my second. The Salt Lake Heritage Foundation had their Second Annual Donut Dash. The premise is that you run the first half of the 5K, reach the donut station, eat as many donut holes as you can (and receive a time reduction based on how many donuts you can down), and run the second half, hopefully without vomiting. I fully planned on gorging on donuts to bring down my time (and, yummo, of course) but by the time I reached the donut station, I couldn’t stomach the thought of anything more than water. Still, I finished with a time of 38:06. Two weeks later, I realized why I was not in the mood for donuts – I was pregnant while I ran it! No more 5K’s for another couple months for me!

Moab Adventure 5K

In November, Mike and I competed in our first 5K. The Adventure 5K in Moab touts an incredible obstacle course, including crossing two rivers, hand climbing a rock face, rappelling down a cliff, and running through the sand and rocks of beautiful Moab. It was really fun, and a great first experience, because it motivated me to run a “real” 5K, one where I wouldn’t be stuck behind three dozen other racers, waiting in line for over 45 minutes to climb a wall or rappel off a mountain. Mike was less thrilled about the experience and said he’ll stick to biking the Iron Horse next summer. I’m so grateful my parents and sister met us in Moab to watch the kids and take what pictures they could. My favorite moment of the race was right near the end: as I was coming up to the obstacle course (where my folks were stationed for pictures) I passed by a group of women and I heard one say “She runs just like a deer!” Made my whole day! I also loved that as soon as Lily saw me (and later, Mike) she ran beside us, cheering us on. Such a sweet, awesome little girl.

Before we left Moab, we stopped at a big sand dune for the kids to roll around in. Lily and James love that Grampa will play with them even if it means getting dirty. Especially if it means getting dirty.

Fall Soccer

I wrote about Lily’s first soccer game and how much fun she had. She played in 5 other games and improved significantly each time. By her last game, she was confident and coordinated enough to score TWO goals! Not bad for being the smallest kid on the smallest team in the league. She is so excited for soccer to start up in the spring – so excited that she insisted I make her a soccer goal to practice with. I was more than happy to acquiesce.

Grace Loves To Climb

I guess I create climbers – both James and Grace have climbed before they walked! Here is the cutest little climber in variety of situations.

October Carving Pumpkins

This year I tried to be fancy and carve designs into the pumpkins that the kids wanted! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Of course, I couldn’t get started until I’d done several hours of research: what tools would I need, what techniques I should use, and where to find the best “pick-your-own” patch so the kids could have some fun as well. Lily chose Hello Kitty and James chose Spider Man.